Saturday, March 22, 2014

What if you just simply don't know?

What if you get to that point where you just simply don't know what's next? You feel like maybe you're missing "it". Whatever "it" is. You can't figure out what to do next...and you feel completely clueless as to what God is leading you to and what He has planned.

Our human minds can only handle the day to day. The rest is far to heavy a burden for our small frame to shoulder. God...He knows. He knows it is hard for us to be us. He knows our weakness and He is strong. He SEES you. He knows it's hard.

Over spring break a coworker texted me this image....said she was just thinking of me. (In that moment I knew God saw I thought about His plans.)

*"As we stand at the threshold of transition we can remember how God has helped us in the past."

"I remember the days of old; I meditate on all Your doings; I muse on the work of Your hands. I stretch out my hands to You; My soul longs for You, as a parched land." Psalm 143

Receiving that text had me "meditating" on all God's promises and how He has worked all things together...and in that place peace waited.

I sat down with pen in hand and {journaled} the following...

Considering you are the God of all comfort I know it is safe to ask questions. 

(I listed those questions...the ones I don't know the answer to....)

God I am just scared...being scared seems so incredibly foolish to me when I think on truth.  
(And I began listing TRUTH.)

  • I am Your Daughter.
  • You will never leave or forsake me.
  • You knew me before I was formed. 
  • You are the God who heals ALL iniquities. 
  • You make all things new. 
  • You turn mourning into dancing. 
  • You order my steps and You are good. 
  • You cause the sun to rise and set -- the stares and moon to come out at night. 
  • There is no place Your hand cannot reach. 
  • You are the God who sees...all.
  • You are the Victor. You have already won the battle! Amen! 
  • You do not make mistakes. 
  • Your plans never fail. 
  • My hopes, dreams, and desires are safe in Your hands. 
  • Your ears do not grow dull.
  • You are kind.
  • You are compassionate.
  • You are patient. 
  • You are steadfast. Never changing. Never leaving. 
  • Your Spirit is my closest companion.
  • You are wisdom and truth. 
  • In your presence is JOY.

Answers did not come flooding to me after journaling and fact they still haven't come. But PEACE came. And that was what my small frame needed...not answers but peace.

So friends, if you find yourself in a similar place...think on God and His promises. And one day ALL THINGS will be set right. Heaven will be a glorious place.

To Know Him More,
Jerri K.

P.s. "As we stand at the threshold of transition we can remember how God has helped us in the past."

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