Friday, April 8, 2011

So Little Words

I have moved from being intimidated and self-conscience of the fact that there is a language barrier between the ladies I am building relationships with to that being something I love about being here.

 A week or so ago while visiting with two beautiful ladies we laughed more than we talked. You see, the three of us are from three very different countries with three very different languages. This particular day between the, "What's" and the "huh's" we all looked at each other in realization of the obvious and began to laugh. We laughed for the better part of our hour long "conversation". When I would have to repeat, with my southern accent, what i said for the 3rd time and still receive a blank star in return we would just start laughing. It wasn't nervous laughter. It was laughter between three friends. It was great!

I prayed and asked my Father for wisdom and ears to understand the language barrier and He gives me laughter. I just love Him.

Laugh Out Loud,
Jerri K.