Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Such a good day I decided to blog about it!

So, Today was your usual 105'+ sunny day! I was able to sleep a total of 13 hours last night and woke up feeling like a new woman. I wasn't feeling very well the past two days and I think a lot of it was just needing a good nights rest. After that long sweet glorious sleep I was able to start the day not feeling like a cranky pants!

What also made this day to fantastic is that everything is organized at the Compassion Kit Warehouse which has conveniently relocated itself (Technically we did the relocating!) to the Caubbles Crib! On Monday we caravanned  in a Honda Accord, Toyota Yaris, Darango, and Expedition and were able to transport all the full shippers to the Caubbles. Today, was all about organizing and what do ya know...we did it! Not to mention I found 33 phone cards and the folks who donated and filled compassion kits did a great job at filling them with all the basic items and then some! I appreciate it, FAMM appreciates it, and those who will receive the "LOVING GIFT WITH A COMPELLING MESSAGE" are thankful for it and will be changed for a lifetime through the Loving Message!

Thank you God for a wonderful day!
Jerri K.
Talent: Fitting 3 Shippers (24 Kits ea.) in
the back of a Toylota Yaris!