Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I just couldn't wait to decorate! Thanksgiving dinner will be on Saturday!
I sure do miss my friends and family. I cherish so much more random coffee dates, latenight taco bell, and hanging out on the back porch with family and friends. I am praying that you all have a wonderful and safe holiday season! God bless.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Stuttgart, Germany!

One of the most memorable moment of my life happened in Stuttgart, Germany. A moment that is possibly one of those “once in a life time” moments. One that left me without words. Literally. I could only sit there…and listen. Listen to the knowledge and wisdom that was being poured out among women of God that are influential in more ways than one.

On Sunday, November 7, I sat down for lunch at a quiet little German restaurant. I sat and gleamed from Titus 2 women. Brooke Philips, Lana Packer, and Jill Briscoe. I met Lana Packer and Jill Briscoe for the first time this weekend.

As I sat at the table and just listened I would think to myself, “How in the world…I can’t believe I get to be among such godly Women!” Jill and Lana are both speakers and authors. But this isn’t what MAKES them so godly or wise. It’s their personal daily walk and relationship with our Father.

For over 2 hours we all sat at a little candle lit table and they talked, I listened. I would pray that God would develop in me the faith and perseverance of these three saints. What I cherished the most was that they are normal women. And I knew that. Their only boast is Jesus. There was not a moment where I felt star stuck. (Alright, so…Maybe just a little…) I was just so excited to be sitting amongst women of such caliber.

The conference was also wonderful Jill Briscoe was the main speaker. During the breakout sessions I chose I learned a lot about Cross Culture Women’s ministry. And just really enjoyed seeing over 150 women from all over the globe with hearts to see change. To be the change.

When Brooke and I arrived in Stuttgart it was pretty cold. One unexpected surprise was that there was some beautiful foliage going on. So many beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows! I loved it. I was told that Stuttgart has amazing falls and springs. Hopefully I will get to see spring for myself one day! Germany is defiantly a place I want to go back to. It was also nice to get to wear winter clothes for a few days!

Enjoy Germany Photo Album Slide show below!!!

Enjoy the adventure! You are never to old!

Peace, Jerri K.