Monday, October 18, 2010

2 weeks already!

Has it really been 2 weeks?!? Wow! It has certainly flown by…as I knew it would. I am attending a church called fellowship of the Emirates and have met some really great people. This coming Wednesday I get to meet up with some folks around my age(I have to get my Texas words in where I can!) for dinner. I am VERY excited to have made some new friends….I hope they like me! ( ;

God is good to provided EVERYTHING we need right when we need it! I have been shopping around for a used gas oven, microwave, and Refrigerator for the past two weeks and finally found them all in the same location! So now my kitchen is complete. All that is left is to put the bunk bed together and it will be FINISHED! Then I will post pictures.

This is a short post but there will be more exciting things to report very soon!

Enjoy the adventure friends!

Love, Jerri K.

“She knew JOY was one of her best accessories, so she made up her mind to wear it every day.” Sassy & Sophisticated

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