Saturday, July 31, 2010

And So It Begins!

Today was day one of cleaning out my room at my mom and dad’s house. I found $21 and a lot of change, my favorite necklace charm that says “Expect a miracle “after about 3 years of being lost, and some really cute clothes I forgot I had! I was pretty pumped it was like early Christmas.
There is a really awesome story behind my favorite charm. My sister gave it to me in 2005 Just before I found out I was healed of an incurable disease. So it serves as a reminder to trust my heavenly Father. God’s promise is still true, that I can trust Him to provide for all my needs.
How timely that I found it a month out from moving.
I also got to spend more family time with my Grandpa Bud at my Grandma’s surprise birthday party. Keep him in your prayers please. He is getting over a bad illness.

Jerri K

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